We want to thank you for coming (or coming back) to LuchaShop ad checking out the new site!  As many of you are aware, LuchaShop.com was always the place to get merchandise direct from Masked Republic and from many of your favorite luchadores.  OFFICIALLY LICENSED merchandise.  No bootlegs, no knock offs, just 100% official merch!

Along the way, we expanded our merchandise beyond our own to officially licensed deals with companies like Amazon.com (where your Ts are printed and shipped within a few days and Prime members always get FREE 2 Day delivery), 80sTees.com (with exclusives you won’t find anywhere else), heck, we’ve event got a ProWrestlingTees.com store (again, with exclusives) like so many others.  Plus, we have our own Masked Republic owned brands like Lucha Loot, LuchaPopCouture, RUDA and Saints & Rudos – and very soon the only way to get VIP Experience Ticket Packages for Expo Lucha coming to Las Vegas in August 2018).  Then we have Rudo Can’t Fail the magazine – available both digitally and in print.  Beyond that, we have DOZENS of deals in the works for officially licensed products that will be released over the course of the next year. SO…we needed a much better way to give you, the lucha libre fan, a one-stop shop for all your officially licensed lucha libre needs.  And that – is the all new LuchaShop!

Check out all of the different sites by clicking on the links and seeing EVERYTHING that Masked Republic has to offer.

Looking for the site that was the old LuchaShop?  You’ll find that now as LuchaShop LTD – Limited Edition & Exclusive Mech.  Right now, you should definitely head there to check out the Masked Republic x NERDS Clothing x Penta Zero M t-shirt AND watch.

We can’t wait to keep expanding this site as new deals get announced so bookmark it and be sure to check back weekly for what’s hot and new!

Thank you for your patience and we can’t wait to grow and share with you right here.