There are only 50 Platinum VIP Tickets and 100 Gold VIP Tickets available for Expo.  For full details and to compare the packages, head to

Not only do you get a TON of swag if you are a VIP Ticket holder but Platinum VIPs get a 1st Row Ringside seat to ALL 4 live events (Viva La Lucha, The Crash, Legends of Lucha Libre and CMLL) while Gold VIPs get 2nd or 3rd Row Ringside seats to all 4 events.

Plus, being a Platinum or Gold VIP gets you into Thursday night’s (September 29th) Lucha Bowl where you will hit the lanes with one of our lucha stars on your team and get an exclusive Lucha Bowl t-shirt.

VIPs also get the limited edition event posters (Platinum get all 3, Gold get 1 of the 3) that are perfect for getting autographed at the Expo.

And, don’t forget – your VIP Ticket INCLUDES an autograph and photo op with EVERY LUCHADOR YOU GET IN LINE FOR in addition to exclusive VIP ONLY autograph and photo ops including one with Rey Mysterio.

Finally, VIPs get bonus entries into our MASK DRAWINGS!  We will have a Rey Mysterio, Psychosis and Solar mask, directly from the luchadores themselves and autographed by them.  Platinum VIPs get entry into all 3 drawings, Gold VIPs into 2 of the 3 drawings.  The Platinum VIP who wins the first drawing will select which of the 3 masks they want first.  And the winner of the Platinum & Gold VIP drawing will select second.

There will be a live Q&A on the Masked Republic Facebook Page on Friday, September 29 at 12 Noon PT where Masked Republic CEO Ruben Zamora will answer Expo related questions in advance of the VIP packages going on sale on Saturday morning.  (And unlike last time, he won’t delete the video after he broadcasts it.)